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The following provides links related to environment, health and safety.

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Quality Organization


American Society for Quality





International Organization for Standardization
World's largest developer and publisher of international standards.  ISO standards are available for purchase on this page.

Canadian Standards Association
Developer and publisher of Canadian Standards.

American National Standards Institute
Developer and publisher of American Standards.


Auditor Certification


Auditing Association of Canada
Certification of Auditors for Environmental, Health and Safety in Canada.

Certification of Auditors for Management Systems and Industry Based Schemes in the United States, Australia and Asia.

International Register of Certificated Auditors
World's original and most recognized certification body of management systems auditors.

Risk Management


Risk and Insurance Management Society Inc

Addressing strategic initiatives and risk management issues in Canada.

Canadian Legal Requirements for Environment, Health and Safety

Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE)
Provides information on land, water, waste, air and climate change in Ontario.  Includes bulletins regarding potential and actual legal changes, and environmental court case results.

Environment Canada
Provides information on Federal Environmental initiatives and legislation.

Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL)
Provides information on health and safety, employment standards, employment equity and workers rights in Ontario.  Includes bulletins including actual and potential legislative changes, and results of court cases.

Ontario Workers Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)
Promotes workplace health and safety, and provides a workers compensation system for employers and workers in Ontario. Details first aid requirements for Ontario businesses.

e-Laws (Ontario)
Database of Ontario's Statutes and Regulations, both consolidated and source law.

National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI)

Link to the NPRI site of Environment Canada, including reporting portal.

Social Accountability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Accountability International

Non-profit organization whose mission is to advance human rights by promoting labour rights, decent working conditions, and corporate social responsibility through voluntary standards.

Industry Canada - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility by Canadian organizations.  Provides information on CSR initiatives and toolkits for use by Canadian businesses.  Provides CSR information for Canadian businesses doing work abroad.



Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Provides information on greenbelt protection, brownfields development and a listing of municipalities.

Emergency Preparedness


Public Safety Canada
Provides information and links for emergency preparedness, emergency planning, emergency management, and information regarding the Emergency Management Act.

Emergency Management Ontario

Publishes and provides information regarding incident and emergency management in Ontario.

Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness (CCEP)
Advocates and provides information and resources for disaster management in Canada.  Develops and presents the program component of the World Conference on Disaster Management.